I moved my CSS code to it's own file and now the JS code refuses to work

Hello everyone, 

I'm new to Github so please excuse my lack of understanding of Github features. 

I am having an issue with my webpage. I have a JS function that manipulates the CSS in my webpages. It is supposed to turn the navbar white, change the logo and make a "Go to Top" button appear once the user scrolls. I managed to get it working on all my pages until I moved my Navbar CSS into it's own file as having it on the main style page were causing conflicts. After the move the JS only somewhat works on the index page but not at all on any other page. Does anyone know why? 


Check with development department

Your problem doesn’t have to do anything with GitHub or features like GitHub Pages.
A better category would be software development, since it’s a general question.

I also recommend you posting your text without this formatting, which makes it hard to read.

You should start learning the basics of HTML, CSS and JS including how to debug simple problems with the browser’s dev console.

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It’s probably a simple issue and therefore I suggested you a) learning the basics so you’re able to solve your problem by yourself and learn how to avoid it in the future and b) that you can probably solve this issue by using the dev console / debug it probably.

Although your reactions seems that you ignore that and just want a copy & paste solution.
You don’t even updated your first post to increase the readability. Good luck then.