I made a description

I made a description in getting started with Github Pages Course. I completed it but Github bot is tellling that they had found an error in my config.yml file. I just can’t understand the error. Please tell me what error I have made. I am giving the code below. Btw I am a newbie in Github so I don’t know anything so please help me.
The code:
title: My School Life
author: Subhranil Banerjee
email: subhranil1807@gmail.com
description: > Hi friends my name is Subhranil Banerjee. Welcome to this site.
I will tell about my journey in my school. So come to this site now.

social links

twitter_username: subhranil1807
github_username: subhranil0663
show_excerpts: true # set to false to remove excerpts on the homepage
theme: minima