I lost access to the email I had my GitHub account linked to and my account was flagged


Recently my account was flagged and I contacted support to get it resolved. However, I had some issue with my e-mail and it was disabled. I’ve been trying to get it enabled again, but it hasn’t been solved yet. I specified in the message I sent to the GitHub contact team that I would like them to contact with me via another email, but I haven’t received anything from them.

Could someone tell me if I can actually get support without having access to the email linked to the account? I’m in such a weird situation and I really do not know what to do.

This is what I wrote to the GitHub support team in case someone can help me with this:



Apparently, my GitHub was flagged yesterday. I started questioning myself and I read GitHub ToS again to see if I could find out what the problem was. I got to the conclusion that my account has been flagged because there were a few GitHub accounts registered from the same machine. I want to clarify that NONE of these accounts were created by machines, bots or any kind of script. My friends and I were simply planning some project yesterday in my house and I told them that GitHub would be a good way to work and collaborate together, so I procedeed to create an account for each member of the team.

Accounts affected:
mouth (mine)

Is there anything we can do to get them unflagged?

PS: Please if you need to contact with me or anything, email me on [email removed], [email removed] was disabled (because of this GitHub issue) and I have no access to it, I’m already woking on getting it back, but by the time you reply I might not have it, so please contact the other email if you need me!

Thanks in advance.

Greetings from Spain. Happy holidays!


What should I do? Should I try recovering my email first and then contact them? What if I don’t get my email back, is there no other way to get support? I can prove I have access to the email (it shows a message saying it was disabled) and I can also prove I have access to the account.

Due to the nature of this situation, this should be handled with support directly, in private.

If recovering your email account is possible, do that first. It makes everything a lot more straightforward. If you’ve only just created some accounts, it’s highly unlikely you have any security features on them that would allow ownership verification without the registered email address.

Additionally, please ask your friends to create their own GitHub accounts in the future.

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I got the email back! However, this bot or guy called “Jeff” keeps copy pasting the same answer to my friends and I. We’re desperate, he says we can delete the accounts but then we won’t be able to create new ones? He also ignored the whole story I talked to him about… It was never our intention to break GitHub’s ToS. My father has an account on GitHub and it never happened anything. We just want our accounts unflagged, but it keeps giving us the same answers, over and over. Could I get in contact with you and talk to someone else or somewhere else?

Thank you.

We don’t use bots in that way. Your appeal would have been assessed by multiple humans on at least two teams.

I’m afraid we’re not an escalations route - we’re a community for people to share their knowledge. I’m sorry for the disappointment here. We don’t have any authority to override decisions like this.