I haven't received an email regarding my student pack application in over a month

Hello, on the 12th of November, I have applied for the GitHub student pack, and I have received this email the same day:

I still haven’t received any emails regarding my application, what should I do now?

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Sorry you didn’t get an email but it looks like you’ve been approved.

You can access your GitHub Education benefits here:


Some of our partner offers are single-use and non-renewable. Most timed offers begin when redeemed, not when granted.

If you have questions or issues with an offer, please contact the partner directly by clicking the help available at link on the offer tile:


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Thanks! I can access the benefits without any issues.

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I too have the same issue.
But i just found out that i got approved (but didnt get the email) by clicking on the above link.

But I don’t know how to avail it.
I tried getting the pycharm pro and it doesnt let me even after i log in using my github account.
A little help would be great.

@nibin-matteo-git Sorry you didn’t get your email.

You can access your offers here: https://education.github.com/pack/offers

For Jetbrains, this looks like the form you need: JetBrains Products for Learning (just pick the GitHub option).

Although I enrolled in the GitHub student developer program, I still can’t access any educative.io courses, why?

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If you’re unable to verify your student status on their website you may have to contact their support to find out why.

I haven’t received any email for Github Campus Ambassador what should I do

My req for the student pack is also approved but I didn’t get a verification code needed for the MS Azure subscription.