I have trouble with my web link

I am having trouble with the web link to my website. It comes up with a 404 error. I know this probably been but I have tried everything and there has been no success. 

 web link: https://abareyellow.github.io/VoiceActors/

Repository : https://github.com/Abareyellow/VoiceActors 

Hi @abareyellow,

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Hi @abareyellow,

It looks like your link is currently working. Were you able to resolve your issue?


Hi @abareyellow,

I’ve found that it can sometimes take 30 minutes or more for Pages to deploy our work. The first time I experimented with it, I had to add /index.html to the end of the supplied link to get around the 404. By the next morning, however, it worked properly. As @that-pat mentioned, your link seems to be working fine now.

Happy coding!