I have the following problem connecting from Visual Studio 2019 to Git Hub

When I connect from Visual Studio 2019 to Git Hub (I authorize and send the address to the browser with the session variables: http://localhost:42549/?browser_session_id= 1 etc… ) it sends me the following:

Firefox was unable to establish a connection to the server at localhost: 42549.

The GitHub extension I have is version and Visual Studio 2019 is up to date.

From any browser, and in Visual Studio 2019 I can see the extension with the options (clone, create, etc.) and I try from there to create a repository, the folder is created perfectly, but I can no longer upload or synchronize the code,

Can someone help me?


Hi @EstebanMartinezVega,

I’ve just tried logging in using Firefox and this was successful.

The extension uses a server running on localhost the that web login redirects to when it completes. I wonder if there might be some software blocking this. Are you running any firewall or security software that might be getting in the way?