I have no time of GitHub actions though I used only a little time.

I run CI with GitHub Actions.
Until now, I run 17 workflows following the image.

But I have no time of GitHub Actions.
I received an email ‘You’ve used 100% of included services’.
Why did I lose time?


For us to investigate the problem further, please check with the steps below:

  • Which product are you using with your account?
  • Are there some workflows in other repositories in the same account have consumed the time?
  • Navigate to your account’s Settings > Billing to check the minutes have consumed on each OS.

The macOS runners consume the time fastest, every minute that the workflows actually run on the macOS runners will consume 10 minutes in your account. Windows is 2 times and Linux is 1 time.
So, if you are using GitHub Free, and using macOS runners in your workflows, the actually time you can use is 200 minutes.
You can view more details from the link below about billing for GitHub Actions:

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Thanks for the reply.
I’m primarily using macOS, and I seem to have lost some run time because of it.


The minutes time included in an account is the total minutes that all the repositories in the account can be use every month. So, you need to view all the repositories in the account.
I recommend you check with the following steps:

  • Whether have other workflows runs were triggered in other repositories in the same account this month (June)?
  • Had you re-run some failed workflows runs?