I have no idea what the interest-cohort is

why am I getting this error “Error with Permissions-Policy header: Unrecognized feature: ‘interest-cohort’.”


This is part of an effort to ensure the privacy of our users when browsing GitHub Pages sites. According to the spec, to ensure users are opted out we set this header. Having said that, this is a new feature in Chrome that’s under active development, so it may not be working as intended. Can you let us know what browser you’re using and what page it was on? Thanks!


I’m getting the error in Chrome.

I am getting this error as well. I believe this is due to Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager, as I did not get the same error message as “Redated” before adding their tags. Is there anything I can do to enable the FLoC policy on my GitHub Pages website, configure Google Tag Manager to not need FLoC or an alternate way to collect analytics? Thanks :slight_smile: . (I am using Chrome and my GitHub pages website was https://stampyzfanz.github.io/minecraftTutorial)

Not at this time. To protect user’s privacy we have elected to disable FLoC for all GitHub Pages sites.


As I understand it, this is just a warning in the Chrome dev tools, and does not effect anyone’s ability to use GitHub Pages. I think the warning is expected since we’re disabling the interest-cohort feature.

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I’m still getting this error and my hero image is not being displayed. It works locally. I checked the path for the image and it is correct. Can you please help me with this?


Boa noite, estava tendo o mesmo problema amigo, resolvi isso concatenando o “process.env.PUBLIC_URL” com o endereço da minha imagem, pelo que entendi ao fazer o deploy acaba acontecendo algumas alterações no endereço da imagem, por isso o que funcionava no LocalHost acaba não funcionando quando você faz o deploy da aplicação e os endereços dos arquivos muda, esse “process.env.PUBLIC_URL” busca o endereço atual de onde você esta, dai vem a concatenação com o endereço da sua imagem, espero ter ajudado. @Pratitb

I just encountered this error, I also don’t know what it means (looks like it’s a form of protection). Anyway, I found a way around it. Here’s how I did it. The warning error was quite annoying. I was running the web app I’m building with localhost (VScode’s live server), and then one of the links was to direct the app user to my the github repo (readme). Opening up the external link to github in the same tab caused it for me. Adding target:"_blank" to the affected <a> tag to open it up in another tab fixed it for me :smiley:

I found the fix for image does not display , try change the extension of the image , which I did from png to jpg fixed the problem

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This works for me too (my case was with a js file, so I change the name of the file)