I have my username and password but can't get authentication code so I am locked out of my repo


Please kindly help.

I have an account redbullmaxstrength. I know my username and password, but today github needs to have me enter a validation code. Github sends the code to an e-mail address I no longer have access to because that email address account was deleted. Is the account 100% lost now or is there a way to recover it? I know all the details of the account because it is mine. Thank you kindly.

I don’t know any solution, other than to complain to github though other channels. e.g. find an account with some official affiliation to github, and send that person a message pleading your case.

It illustrates one of the problems with mandatory 2-factor authentication. I hope github reverses this, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Hi @necroscope

You can contact support to see if they can help