I have created a team in GiHub but unable to create a common repository for the team. Please help

Hi All, We need to create a common git repository for the entire team where we can commit code on individual branches but eventually merge all code and execute it.

SUpport team suggested to create a GitHub team for this and then create a repository under that.

I could create a team https://github.mheducation.com/orgs/MHEducation/teams/gtsqa-tcoe but unable to create a repository. Please suggest if the approach is right.

That would make sense, yeah.

After creating the organization, you should invite members and assign them with the right privileges (namely, read/write access to the organization). You then create a repository and all members will be able to push to it.

You can also control access on the repo level.

What exactly aren’t you managing to do?

Thankyou so much, but for me I am not able to add all the team members.

Whenever I click on add member and type one of my team members name it shows “Not a member of this Organization”.

Please guide on how to invite team members to be added to the team.