I have a problems with cyrillic (windows - 1251) on GitHub.

Why is Cyrillic (Windows-1251 encoding) not displayed on GitHub?

Magic, I created two files, the difference is one line, but in the first case with the encoding in the file on the github everything is fine, and in the second case where the code is only one line longer, the Cyrillic is not displayed correct .

What could be the reason for this behavior?

This files on GitHub:

1.  Correct

2.  Incorrect

I am baffled. According to Notepad++, both files are encoded as Windows-1251.

_However_, according to Github, the “incorrect” file is encoded as Windows-1252! (Western Europe) I observed this by forking and editing the files via the browser interface.

I’m guessing this is why Github is showing the “incorrect” file wrong; but I have _no_ idea why Github thinks it is Windows-1252!

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