I have a problem with if statement (Python)

I’ve started learning python few days ago.
And i have a problem with if statement.

I coded like


and it doesn’t give any result.

I’ve tried with pycharm and visual studio code but both of them doesn’t give me a result

Please help me

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Any i in range(1,1001) divided by 3 does not give an 0. I think it is a Maths problem.

It is not same as in C/C++, where 1/3 =0 and 2/3=0. Here int/int = float

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Then how can I get numbers that are multiples of 3 below 1000?

You need the modulo operation, not division. Division wouldn’t work even if it was cut to integers like in C, because e.g. 6 / 3 would give you 2, not zero.

The modulo operator in Python is %, so you could use:

for i in a:
    if i % 3 == 0:

However, if you just need the numbers (and aren’t going to use the modulo for something more complex) it’d be much simpler to just use the step parameter for the range you’re iterating over:

for i in range(3, 1001, 3):

Note that I set the start value to 3 as well, if you start from 1 you get 1 plus multiples of three (1, 4, 7, …).