I have a Idea but I don't know where to post this. I need help

Hi, my name is EnsoKim lives in South Korea.

When I was really young, sometimes, a good idea comes in to my mind, but that was only dream for me.

After I met many people even I’m only 23, I noticed that dream could be true.

What I need is maybe cloud funding but not that is all.

I need people to get some advices. For that, I found github which is the biggest tech community I know.

Now, I wanna tell you something what I dreamed

This is what I thinking about these days.

(Because of my bad English skills, my explanation could be strange.)

GPS + Navigation for drivers and pedestrians

  • Show personal location information in driver’s navigation.

  • Show driver’s location information in pedestrian’s Cellphone or smart watch.

  • As a result of this technology : less car accidents and prevent children from most of accidents (maybe car accidents)

  • We can find stray child when we lost. Also, we can find our missing cars, furthermore we can use alert system on our cars or child’s cellphone.

  • This is not only limited to cellphone or car. We can use this system on many objects as a example : keychain, notebook, and anything which can be likely lost.

  • What I want to make is small nano chip or sticker which can be detected by app, or sth manage it.

How about the law (Privacy Act)

  • My answer is we can make it. It doesn’t need our privacy information. It(sticker or nano chip) only works as a mark of danger information. This is only the first idea(prototype). We need to develop it in accordance with for each countries.

How about using criminals?

  • I know it could use for criminals. This is the most important problem I think. If it starts as a real program, we can find great solution on this.

Also I dream it can connect with blochchain technology.

P.S. I also want to show my portfolio on chinese website but I’m not very good at that. If anybody can translate it in Chinese please contact me.

P.S.2 Idk where to post it…

Thank you for reading long post

EnsoKim (- personal information removed-)

Hello @ensokim ,

we’re glad you’re here :grinning:

However, we don’t want to have job listings on the Community Forum right now. It is something that we’ve added to the list to investigate if we can do so without overwhelming other conversations. Keep checking back as the Community Forum grows and we add more capabilities!

Thanks for your interest :+1:


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