I have a Comunity but the name is already registred

Hello everyone, my name is João Vitor and I’m from Brazil. I own a community of developers that help people who are just getting started with programming. We have about 1k members, and because of that we decided to create a github account. However, our name has already been used (the name is “LetsCodeBR”), but the account is inactive.

Does anyone know how I should do it?
And is there a way to report or change that account name?

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With only name you can’t blame anyone to copy your community name. I guess you have only option to create the GitHub account with a different name.
With only name as same with your orginization you can get that account username if you report that account. I guess there is no way to change it. You can still report and get support at offical website here may be they can help.
Good luck

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Please remember that not all GitHub activity is public; accounts can appear inactive even if they are not.

GitHub accounts are available on a first come, first served basis. Unless you have a Trademark violation to report, you’ll need to find your group a unique name for GitHub.