I have a commit that wont merge?

I have a commit or an issue or pull request and my poor brain has major issues. Now I’m confused, I’m frustrated because of my current health issues. If you want to get a bio on me and the issues I face daily in my life currently, I think it best to understand why this has frustrated me to the point, I want to give up now and haven’t even started. Maybe, I’ve just come too early trying to do this. I don’t want to be a burden on anyone. 

I am having similar issues, It helped me to do exactly what the not requested. Try resetting the lab and then do the pull request again… that is what helped me.

@writerswritingwordsb in this step, the bot was expecting you to add the specific contents it requested. That may be why you weren’t able to move forward. I suggest following @tannerpace’s suggestion to get back on track.