I don't see "Publish this action to the GitHub Marketplace" when creating a new version

Hello - I’ve searched around for a bit and I don’t see anyone with my issue exactly. I have a GitHub action I’ve been working on tirelessly and I’m unable to cross the finish line (144 commits later). When following the instructions here, I’m stuck at the beginning “Select  Publish this action to the GitHub Marketplace”. I was given access to GitHub Actions beta, however I don’t even see this option (screenshot attached). Do I need to do something to see this option?


Even when I clone the example by choosing “Use this template” I can reproduce. It seems like for some reason my account isn’t setup, even though it actually is (screenshot below). Wondering what more I need to do and why I can’t find documentation about it.

Looking into this for you.

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Hi @adamhenson, could you request beta access for your user account and then try again?

I believe that should fix it. Looks like Marketplace is checking your user + repo for access.

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@mscoutermarsh - I have beta access already. See my screenshot in my second message.

Oh, I gotchya - my user account. Well that’s annoying and unintuitive. I do appreciate your help @mscoutermarsh. Fingers crossed - I just requested.

Yeah, sorry! If I remember correctly, I wrote this code.

Haha, all good. Is there any way my request for access can be escalated?

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You’re in. No waitlist at the moment. :grinning:

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Yes, I’m in - thank you so much @mscoutermarsh 

I’m having the same problem, even though it is enabled on my account already. It’s also enabled for my repository from the repo settings. Am I doing something wrong?

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I ran into this problem a few times because my action.yml file was accidentally named action.yaml.  :P  GitHub will only show a “Publish this action…” if it’s the first.

Same issue here: I can’t release my GitHub Action on the Marketplace because there isn’t any “publish” checkbox.
See: https://github.com/cedx/setup-dart/releases

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Were you able to solve this? I am also not able to see the publish banner for my repository

@deborah-digges Yes… by contacting the GitHub support (https://support.github.com/contact). The issue was on their side, not with my repository.

Hi @mscountermarsh et al, I encountered same issue.

Can you help clarify whether my action repo would need to use yet another action? If so, why?

UPDATE: Never mind, I tried and confirmed that, once I created a dummy workflow inside my Action repo, then I am allowed to publish my Action. It is still beyond me why such a dummy workflow would be needed.

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