I don't know why get Page build failure

https://631068264.github.io/   I can’t get any detail for the error only get a email.  And I can use

bundle exec jekyll server

build my page in localhost success,  I  don’t why fail in github.  Do you have a tool to check?

It’s  strange that when I git   reset  t o the build success version before I fail  , it become fail.  Please tech me to solve it .

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Hi @631068264,

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I open the link and it seems work, maybe the build operation take some minutes or even hours. If not work for you, could you please post some images of your local execution?

Thank you


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Thanks your reply.

It work because it has built successfully before but it didn’t a newest version. When  I found the newest version fail , I tried to use the old success version to build it become fail (get build fail email).  It’s strange . 

local build success