I don' t know how to choose between command line and website because I'm a beginner

When signing up for Introduction to GitHub, I see the following question:

Preferred Git tool

Learn right from the web UI, or using your chosen tool

Use the GitHub.com web interface
Use the command line
I don’t know what to choose, since I am a newcomer. I don’t want to make a mistake in choosing something so basic. I have already installed git, GitHub Desktop, and Git for Windows, have started and abandoned several tutorials and am completely lost.
Help, please.

“I don’ t know how to choose between command line and website” this is a little bit confusing question. Dependes on what do you want to do. If you want your code uploaded on github you probably prefer to use command line, if you need only uplaod images or text file you can easily use the web interface. It always depends on what you have to do.


Wabri, I’m sorry, but I didn’t find your answer helpful. I guess you are saying that I have to learn both git and GitHub website commands. So I have started the course selecting the git commands option, but the course seems to be about using the GitHub interface only in spite of my choice. I guess this is a bug in the GitHub lab and I will try to fix it someday after I finish learning about git and GitHub. The fix will be to remove this option, as it does not seem to matter.

Correction: the https://lab.github.com/githubtraining/introduction-to-github course switches to using the git command line in its second lesson, so no bug. When I finish I’ll take it again choosing the gui option.

I’ve also finished a wonderful 30-minute video tutorial on the git command line (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HVsySz-h9r4) and am now convinced to avoid the command line at all costs: too complicated and the syntax is inconsistent.