I created my account no organization have problem with access


I created a github branch for practice.   I do not have an organization. 

I created an empty project set it as private.  

Then I tried to clone on my local desktop. I am getting an error as ‘fatal repoitory not found’.  

I read some help online and whatever help I am trying ot find, in the instruction, it saying to go organization.  Well I am not an organization I am an individual who is trying things out.    So anyway, how I can fix the issue.   I think it has to do with the private/public but I am trying ot understand. If i set the project to piivate would I have to create a bogus organization? 

Hi @devamirsaleem,

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If you are cloning with https you have something like this:

git clone https://github.com/<name_of_user>/<name_of_repository>.git

Then git ask for an autentication.

Could you please post the error and the command that you runned?

Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:  


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Hi Warbi
I had a account which I have been using very much on git  username MyWorkAcount.   Then from the same computer I created another account on git for practice purpose.  Now when I check in wiht this account  it gives me error as 
" Permission to devamirsaleem/Practice.git denied to MyWorkAccount .    
fatal: unable to access ‘https://github.com/devamirsaleem/Practice.git/’: The requested URL returned error: 403" 

So seem to me, what I am tyring to checkin it is linked some what to the work github.  How I can change that?