I created a new account, Do I need to delete the old one?

I was flagged today on my account under my currently used e-mail that I started a new github account under,  I’m thinking it’s because I never removed the old account.   Do I need to go in and delete the old one (under a different e-mail server)?  I have no problem deleting the old one if that is what I need to do.  

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Hi @nelliesnoodles,

For help with account-specific and private information, you’ll need to reach out to private support at https://github.com/contact. As a general rule though, it’s actually against the GitHub Terms of Service to have more than one free account. I’d recommend reaching out to support for further help!

Thank you.  I have deleted the old account.  I was in the process of migrating everything away from that old e-mail address.   Thanks so much. 

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