I couldn't pull docker image from GitHub Container Registry

I published my image on GitHub Container Registry and it is public now.

And then I ran docker pull and got this error:

~ > docker pull ghcr.io/resotto/goilerplate-pg:latest
Error response from daemon: Get https://ghcr.io/v2/resotto/goilerplate-pg/manifests/latest: denied: denied

How can I pull this image?

Odd, that command looks correct, and I was just able to download the manifest without issue. If you just now made the image public, maybe the setting just took a little longer than expected to become active?

Thank you for your replying.

I made this image public some time ago so it might be not time problem, I think.

So this is other problem??

Well, there’s one more thing I can think of: The download I did was anonymous. If you’re logged in (using docker login), check if the token you’re using has the “read:packages” scope. If it doesn’t, you need to either update the token so it has the scope, or try logging out (docker logout ghcr.io) and doing an anonymous pull.


After running docker logout, I could do that.

Thank you so much.

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