I can't view screenshots attached to an old github thread

In this thread:


the OP refers to “the screenshot I provided in my first post”.  (And apparently the screen shot must have uploaded successfully at the time, because one of the respondents replied: ‘I just noticed that a potential problem could be that “Id” under “Owner” should be uppercase: “ID”’, and that’s not referring to any of the text in the thread, so presumably it was in the screen shot.)

However, as I’m viewing that thread now, I cannot see “the screenshot” anywhere.  Am I missing something?

Or were these threads archived and/or moved over from a different location, and in the archival/migration process, the text was preserved but the image attachments got lost somehow?

Hi bennetthaselton! You’re not missing anything, the images really have been removed. It seems that this change was made before we started recording and showing edit history on issues - sorry if that’s caused you any confusion!