I can't verify my student email, and it is the only option...

I would like to apply for the GitHub student package. I have added my student email, but I am not getting the verification email. Everything is spelt correctly, I sent an email to myself to make sure it’s working (it is), the verification email is not in the spam folder (or any other), it’s not getting stuck anywhere that I can see, etc. I’ve checked everything I can think of. I get emails to this email address all the time.

I know this isn’t a problem for most because one can alternatively send documents proving your enrollment. However, for my particular university this is not an option:

“We require applicants of University of Houston (UH) to use one of these school-issued email addresses to apply:”

There is no “I do not have a school-issued email” option, and even with everything filled out, but my personal email selected, the Continue button is disable, so I can’t attempt to send documents proving my enrollment.

So I’m stuck, is there anything I can do?

Hi there @rlouisw, and welcome to the community! For student benefits and related conversations, we recommend using our Education Discussion as you’ll have better visibility among those who may be able to answer your question.