I can't start a new Learning Lab course

Whenever I try to start any learning lab course, it tells me an unexpected error has occurred and to try later. It’s been days and it still happens.

This is the course I left and tried to rejoin. This message also pops up for all other courses.

Have I joined too many courses?

That is what was happening.

@javascriptlearner815 might I ask how you came to this conclusion? I’m trying to understand this issue so I can report it to the engineering team.

I can join other Learning Lab courses that I haven’t clicked leave course and then check to delete the repository. The ones that I leave I can’t join again.

I had to delete my account because vscode did not bush changes during the course and now i can not start the course again .

what do i do now to get back in to learning whats next ?

Thanks for the extra input @javascriptlearner815! Since it’s been a few months from the original report, if it’s still happening, please attempt to join a course in which it is happening, let us know which course, the time stamp, and the specific error messages you’re seeing and we’ll be glad to troubleshoot further.

@marwan218 it may be easier to open a new thread for this issue so we can troubleshoot it separate from this one!