I can't see my Arctic Code Vault Badge in my account

I can’t see my Arctic Code Vault Badge in my account. Several days back, I public my email address. That is the only change I have done (I can’t remember after the change, whether that badge was there or not.) but now I change back to private. The Badge Still not showing.

We’re seeing quite a few post for this lately, so it might be worth doing a search in previous posts, which might contain the solution you’re looking for.

This could be one reason, since if you’re not signing your commits via PGP/GPG the only way they can associated to you is via the email associated with the commits (maybe there are other associating elements, I’m not 100% sure, but email is important in this context).

Other reasons could be: archiving a repository, transferring it, etc., but this doesn’t seem the case since you mentioned email as the only change.

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No email address was not changed. I just change email privacy private to the public that’s all. I search the solution but didn’t find one.

I wonder if that could be the cause. You could try and set it public again, wait for some time for the stats to refresh, and see if all goes back to normal.

Personally, I think there’s little benefit in making an email private, especially if you’re going to publish your own code, for the author email is usually mentioned in the license.

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Yes, I change it back to the previous state. (Previously Email was private so I change to private again.) Is there any chance this would be some kind of GitHub bug itself?

Unlikely, but you never know (after all, the GH server code is mostly closed source).

The topic of lost contributor stats comes up quite a lot here, but usually it’s the result of some user action (archiving or deleting a repository, changing email, and so on).

Personally, I don’t really focus much on my contribution stats, but invest quite some energy to ensure that my repositories stats are correct (exclude generated or vendored files, define unknown extensions/languages, etc.).

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