I can't see any of my team's committed work

Hi. I am a student using Github for the first time. I am in my group project phase and, for some reason, the most recent commit I can see from my other team members is 16 days old. I cannot see any of the work they have committed from then until today. I did a Zoom with one of my team members and my page looks different from his page in that he can see we have 8 branches in our project and I cannot. My GitKracken tree is up to date and I can push my own commits from there however, I can’t access any of the changes that have been made by other team members. How do I fix this?

Hi @richdeveloper81!

Is this a public or a private repository? If it’s public, would you mind dropping a link so that we can see what you’re seeing?

When you say that you’re unable to see your team’s commits, it sounds as though you’re viewing these commits on the website, is that correct? And it sounds like you’re also unable to view these commits on your desktop through GitKracken?

Out of curiosity, are you using a fork of the main project that your team is collaborating on? If so, your fork isn’t automatically kept up to date with the main project. If so, you need to sync your fork with the upstream repository. This will allow you to see the latest changes to the main repository in your own fork. However, if you’re collaborating frequently with your team, you’ll want to use something like the GitHub Flow branching strategy within the main repository instead of using a fork which is better for one-off changes than it is for continued collaboration.

Hmm, it sounds like your team members haven’t properly pushed their changes to the repository?