I cant see any of my pictures nor css please help

and on my HTML site i cant see anything

Hi @AicomVelasquez, welcome to the GitHub Support Community! For your first site, it looks like you’re referencing your images like this:

<img src="images/mountain.png" alt="mountain-img" < body>

However, your files are inside a folder called Images. GitHub Pages is case-sensitive meaning your paths to files need to exactly match the case of your folders and filenames. It also looks like you have a stray <body> tag inside this image that may be breaking your HTML validity.

<img src="Images/mountain.png" alt="mountain-img">

As for your second site, Pages looks for a files called index.html, index.md, or README.md inside your repository by default. As your file is called MyFirstWebsite.html and you only have README.md that’s the file that’s being served by default. You can see your actual site online here:

You’ll need to rename MyFirstWebsite.html to index.html if you want it to serve directly at CV