I can't merge branches in git

I have a repository, to organize its structure, I created a folder and moved my files there and added the change to my master-backup (secondary) branch, I did $git merge for the union with my (main) master, but the changes did not are applied, only my subfolder is empty ,and no errors are returned, only that

Everything up-to-date

What I want, is to add the changes, (which is the folder where I moved my files) to my remote master branch.

In the current situation, my master-backup has the files while the master is empty

How should I proceed?

When you use git merge, you need to specify which branch is going to get merged in, and it looks like you may have missed this step?

First make sure you’re on the master branch:

git checkout master

Then merge in the branch you want:

git merge master-backup

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