I can't login into github at all and recovery instruction doesn't work


I can’t log in to GitHub because of 2-factor app suddenly stopped to work and the code from google authenticator doesn’t work anymore. I can’t work at my organization anymore, please tell me how do I reset my account? I’ve followed everything at Recovering your account if you lose your 2FA credentials - GitHub Docs but the outlined steps don’t work for me because I don’t have any alternative means of recovering my account. My recovery codes don’t work as well. Nothing works. Seems there is no way to recover my account. Here is everything I have tried:

Using a two-factor authentication recovery code - the codes doesn’t work at all
Authenticating with a fallback number - I didn’t configure a fallback number because I don’t have any
Authenticating with a security key - I don’t have it
Authenticating with a verified device, SSH token, or personal access token - the device is not verified
Reaching support - there was no answer at all.

How can I recover my account? This is a pity as I can’t work anymore in my organization.