I can't log in github account because lost 2fa and github recovery code

I can’t log in github account because lost 2fa and github-recovery-code.txt what do to back my account ?

hopefully this helps,


unable to verify an alternative factor

have your issue got solved ? as i am also lost my 2Fa and recovery code

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Not yet
i have try many time and did’t solve

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have you received any response from GitHub support team?

No I don’t receive any response from Github team

Hi both @mo7amedxyz and @harshs2807 . As I indicated in the topic @harshs2807 created separately, on the forum we can never comment on, or help out with personal account issues like a 2FA lockout. Neither can we speed up or influence the Support process in any way.

I know @harshs2807 already successfully submitted a support ticket - after which the only option is waiting. @mo7amedxyz did you reach out to Support already? If you did - waiting is the only option, too. If you didn’t yet, please send support an email and wait. Good luck both!

how to contact to support. what support email can be send to ?

Use the appropriate form here (“Account or billing issues”, I assume): GitHub Support

Thank @airtower-luna
I send my issues

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