I can't allow a user to manage a project board

I am trying to allow a github user to be able to create, edit, and move cards on a github kanban (project) board. I was following the github docs in the link below, and the docs seem to be wrong. It says I go to the project board, click the 3 dot button beside the menu, and click “settings”. However, there is no settings option in the drop down as seen here:


Where can I go to add a user to this project board and allow them to manage their own cards? This is a personal, user owned project board (not an organization)

The docs link:


Hi there,

There are 3 types of project boards on GitHub and they can be quite confusing, but the differences are essentially down to ownership: 

  • User-owned project boards  can contain issues and pull requests from any personal repository.
  • Organization-wide project boards  can contain issues and pull requests from any repository that belongs to an organization
  • Repository project boards  are scoped to issues and pull requests that belong to a single repository

You can read more about these here: https://help.github.com/en/github/managing-your-work-on-github/about-project-boards

The screenshot you’ve shown is typically from that of a repository owned project board. Repository-owned project boards, inherit the permissions from the repository they are created within, in other words, you would need to add a collaborator to the repository itself in order to grant them access:


If you need to move a project board from being repository owned to user owned you can write in to GitHub Support https://support.github.com/ and request it to be moved for you.

I hope this helps. Please let us know if you need anything else!

Hello @lesleyanneb,

I have a question here. I can create a new question if that is the correct approach. We have a repository project board, but members/collaborators of the repository without “Write/Maintain/Admin” access cannot move cards in this project board. Is there any way to allow members/collaborators with Read/Triage access to move cards?