I Can't advance in Github Learning Lab: GitHub Actions: Continuous Integration

Hello to all and sorry for the english:

Actually i’m doing the Github LabActions: Continuous Integration but in the step 4 in the part:

Activity: Tell the bot which test is failing so we can fix it

  1. Navigate to the log output
  2. Identify a name of a failing test
  3. Comment the name of the failing test here

I’ll respond when you enter the name of at least one failing test. You can either copy and paste that portion of the log directly, or type the name of the test as a comment.

But i can’t advance or even access to the code (I it seems that there are no link to continue)

Someone please help me

Thank you and sorry for the English

I remember doing that part of the lab and I copy and pasted one of the failing tests as a comment. It said it wasn’t what it was expecting me to comment, but it continued anyways. Does nothing happen when you add a comment?

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Thank you

FOr your help