I can't access to my github student developer pack

I cannot access to the benefits of my github student developer pack, it asks me to reverify that I am a student even though I already did. I don’t know what happened if yesterday I was working normally with one of the benefits. Help me please :c


Same issue here, how can this be fixed pls?!!

Hey @MoHoss2000 and @AlamReyes ! Did you both get already the confirmation that your pack has been approved? If not, please be patient as staff is working through all the new applications.

If your pack got approved, try logging out of GitHub.com, go to https://education.github.com/ and click Sign In in the top right corner. Sign in and click on Benefits in the menu to get your pack.

I’m having the same issue. I applied for student verification twice and both applications got approves within minutes. But I can’t seem to access anything in the benefits tab. It keeps redirecting me to the “Enjoy the benefits of being a student” page that just keeps me in a loop.

Same thing here, I click on “Get your pack” but then it keeps me in a loop.

I have the same problem, I accessed one of the benefits without any problems at all a few weeks ago and now I’m stuck in a loop

I have the same problem, I accessed my benefits on Sep 15, 2021.

Seems we all have the same issue. Stuck in the loop

Hi! Having the same issue currently. Was a solution or cause ever found?

Same with me as well :frowning:

you may want to try this


Yeah, I did post on the edu forum before the merge with the same topic, but felt that I should post on this platform too as it was more active.

I have now managed to gain access to my student pack, however it wasn’t a nice clean fix.

I believe the problem was a combination of my account having 2 emails associated with it in combination with an error on my organisations end. I ended up using an alt github account to register for the student dev pack, and still had responses indicating that the codes had already been used, despite assurances from the org that they had not (we are a small organisation so I don’t doubt this). However, I was ultimately able to gain access to my licenses via the alt account.

So unfortunately it seems the best solution is to request a new link and make a fresh account to access these licenses. Sorry I wasn’t able to find a cleaner solution, but at least the software is able to be accessed!