I can't access my private repository

Hello there, I’m a 13 year old student in iran who loves programming especially in python.
I have a discord bot named DayStride, Since i live in iran and all of the good and paid hosting websites are blocked for me i use heroku to host my bot. And in order to use heroku you need to make a repository for the bot, now as you know i made the repository private because number one: i don’t want to leak my own bot’s token and number two i don’t want to make the bot open source in general.
Why would i lie to you i just need your help. I made my account using vpn and i came to github using vpn every day so i can update my bot. today i accidentally came to github without turning on my vpn and i saw a message that said " We are unable to provide this service.", now i understand i really do, but i just want to get access to my bot. I am sure there is at least something you can do for me i really need to access my bot’s source code just to get a clone of it because all the files on my computer are old and the newest version is on the repository i really need to download that file. I hope you guys can help me with this situation…

I am very sorry for the loss of your bot.

Unfortunately this is not a company policy where we can exercise discretion and make exceptions. We are required to comply with US law, or we will not be allowed to operate as a business any longer.

We have more on our perspective on trade controls here if you’re interested, but I’m afraid that we won’t be able to lift restrictions, even temporarily.


You could also put your private tokens inside env in Heroku account, then link to it using its variables (os.getenv(“TOKEN”)).

That’s why you should always have backup of your code since there’s always a risk like that to lose your files.
Only the way to restore your data is leaving your country and sending support ticket to staff with proofs to un-strict your account, which is impossible to you atm.