I cannot publish my custom domain website using github pages

The error is: Your site is ready to be published at (http://www.srwmllp.co/.)

But it is not updated and I cannot enable my Enforce HTTPS button. below is the error. I want to publish this site today. Tried everything on the internet.

Enforce HTTPS — Unavailable for your site because your domain is not properly configured to support HTTPS (www.srwmllp.co) — Troubleshooting custom domains 

HTTPS provides a layer of encryption that prevents others from snooping on or tampering with traffic to your site.
When HTTPS is enforced, your site will only be served over HTTPS. Learn more.

It currently looks like you’ve configured your domain’s DNS so that the root/apex domain is pointing to GitHub Pages, and your “www” subdomain to redirect to your root domain. However, based on your screenshot, your root domain isn’t what’s been configured with your repository.

To resolve this, you’ll want to edit the CNAME file in the root of your Pages publishing source so that it reads “srwmllp.co” and not “www.srwmllp.co”.

Once you’ve done that, it’ll take a little bit for the DNS changes to propagate (potentially up to 24 hours depending on your settings and your DNS provider), and then you should be able to enable HTTPS for the root domain.