I can see only white screen when publishing project in browser whith GitHub Pages

Good day, first problem that i saw was readme file & i change index.html location whith npm run eject from public folder to the root of project & then i saw white screen.

Also i can say that its a create-react-app and under developer stage on my local machine its work well but not whith GitHub pages

Today i use this tutorial, https://github.com/gitname/react-gh-pages/tree/master, but it`s still broken

You can see the console log in devtools https://pastenow.ru/9OVSA

Without being able to see inside your repository I can’t be 100% sure, but this is most likely an issue with your deployment configuration. You’ll need to make sure the homepage setting inside your package.json file is set to the correct URL then build and deploy your site again.

For more help with deploying a React site to GitHub Pages I’d recommend reading through this section of the Create React App documentation:


next repository is copy of react-movies but consists only files for production https://github.com/alexey-rgb/react-movies-deploy

It looks like that second link alexey-rgb/react-movies-deploy doesn’t go anywhere, have you deleted that repository already?

As for the first link for alexey-rgb/react-movies, it looks like you’ve enabled GitHub Pages for this repository but it’s currently set to serve the source code for your site rather than the compiled and built version. You’ll need to follow the deployment instructions for create-react-app to ensure that you’re compiling your code and telling GitHub Pages to serve the built version of your site instead of the source.

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