I can not load my page on other devices than my own

I am a new user on github, and have experienced this problem:

When i share my public page (https://jaisjessen.github.io/fulli/), it is not visible, but I can easily acccess it on my own laptop.

Is there anything I could’ve done wrong, with the setup?

Any input is appreciated - thanks a lot!


Hi @JaisJessen, welcome to the GitHub Support Community!

Looking at the source code for your site it looks like you’re referencing assets using the external URL https://fulli.local/:

<script src="https://fulli.local/wp-includes/js/wp-emoji-release.min.js?ver=5.5.1" type="text/javascript" defer=""></script>

This may be working on your local machine as you’ve set up this URL using your hosts file to point to a local development server or, if these files are available at that URL on the internet, access has been limited to your specific IP.

You’ll need to update these asset links to point to files from inside your repository, either using relative links or pointing to links that use your github.io URL, or to an external URL where these files are available.

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Okay, that sounds probable, and makes sense. I am quite the rookie, so where would I change the source code; is that in a hmtl, js og css file?

Thanks for the help, and thanks in advance!

Jais Jessen

this is my own link,still showing 404. i can’t view my webpage.