I can not find topics about gihub server for emails

I have to much junk email with my thunderbird program. As first time user to github community, hello, and i do not use english as native language.

My respository Osterei is public. The link WhoisXML API: #1 for Domain, WHOIS, IP, DNS & Threat Intelligence | WhoisXML API
was provided through bing seo.

With the link i was able to see the provided information send in addition to my email address. A second tab was supported for a xml code view.

With a side W3 i learned to maintain, whatever that means for me obvious, only lines that i can support for myself.

I search for a path to exclude all mails that i recive that are not listed in my address book.

If i could type such technology on a repository file integrated i assume i could establish post forwarding for me.

In my work on my own i would like to seperate automated post linked to addresses
that i can recognize although i have not suitable licenses like for internet pages.

I have no additional internet pages only on my repsoitory with github. I do not only consider automated posts also post that can be send to my github account
and would be forwarded only with my permission otherwise deleted.

I am not able to recognize information with recived post that aim to change to
a varie of addresses.