I can download all the code I want, but how tf do I run it?

I am in no way whatsoever part of the coding community. I know basically no coding, and am not interested in learning. But I still want to take part of the programs being made and published on Github.

Specifically, I want to run the programs simulating colliding blocks, which can be made to compute pi, for example. So the question is: How do I run the programs found on Github??

-As a sidenote, I know there is an accessible simulation here: https://prajwalsouza.github.io/Experiments/Colliding-Blocks.html
But this doesn’t satisfy what I want to do with a similar program, so I need to try other projects on Github.

There’s no general answer, it depends on the individual program. Usually installation instructions can be found in a README file in the repository.

In some cases, if the program is written in a compiled language and the developers aren’t publishing release binaries, you’ll have to compile the code yourself. That often requires at least some programming-adjacent skills.

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