I am starting a game

Can anyone help me with the game jam

is it itch.io??

I’m interested in it too. 

what language ?

Hello there,

Unity game engine

IMO, Unity game engine is one of the best solution to start with game development.

On the Unity website, you can find tutorials to start with game development.

And Unity has an active commmunity through the forum and the answers on Unity website if you need help.


You can also start with Cryengine. It’s a “more professional” game engine (compared to Unity) that is frequently used to develop AAA games (such as Farcry, Crysis, …) but like Unity, you can find tutorials on the website with a forum and answers. Be aware that Cryengine might be more difficult to use than Unity and might require some knowledge about game development.

Unreal Engine

You can also start with Unreal Engine. Same level as Cryengine. You can find tutorials on the website with forum and answers.

Be aware that there’re a lot of game engines to start with.

You can find a more accurate list here.

I hope this will help you :smiley:

Yes, We are always here for you. Can you discuss your problem with me? Because I am also a game developer and develop 100+ games like that ludo game, casino, a blackjack game, poker game, snake, and ladder game, slot game. Please send your requirement on [removed by moderator] them sure I will provide the solution of your problem. 

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i want to starting too)

playing in tandem or team is always interesting and dynamic

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