I am not able to look into the file which i have attached for a pull request

Hi Guys,

I have a file with spaces in the file name. example : hero shakers.txt

I attach this file when i want to do a pull request. This file is not a part of those files which are pushed through. This file which i attach may be a log file or any other which is needed as a verification during pull request.

When i open this file in my UI it shows 404 not found, may i know why this comes.

Please help me out on this.

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Hi @surajshettyakkunje,

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Can you please share the link where it has been moved to

Hi @surajshettyakkunje Sorry for any confusion. The post is right here, where you’ve commented. The old URL should redirect to the new place, as well. For clarity, here’s the new URL (matches what is in the browser for this very location):


I hope this helps!

If I’m understanding you correctly, you’re saying that you have dragged and dropped a file into a comment on a pull request, like I have done here. And you’re saying that when the file has a space in the name, and you then click on the link, the file doesn’t download? Is that correct?

If I’m misunderstanding, can you give a link to an example of some place where this problem is happening so we can see better what it is you’re describing?


HI, yes you are right, while requesting for the pull request i get the option to attach file along with comments section. I have attached the file with spaces in the file name… I try opening the attached file on the UI but it shows “404 not found” notification.

Sorry i may not be able to share the link as this query is my company related.

Can you please tell me whether it is an issue with the git hub or anthing else.

It isn’t an issue with GitHub, that I can see. As you can see in my previous post, the example I gave was of attaching a file with a space in the name of it. However, the URL the attached file is served from has had the space replaced with a period . character. So it shouldn’t be a problem for any browser to open that attached file. If you can replicate the problem you’re experiencing in a public place (feel free to use a comment on the repo I linked to above), we’d be happy to take a look.