I am new to everything, help me

I was already in the midst of my PhD in Mass Communication when I discovered how much I needed some programming to do my work, which is a research based on using media statistical reports to predict social-development of nations. My search of related studies mostly pointed to language models, which I did not study in my major. From initial dilemma, as I dived in I learned so many things new on the beauty of programming and computing. Daily, I keep getting amazed and dazed on the vast world of AI and general computing. My digging led me ultimately to this community. I am using this opportunity to ask for help with my thesis work, especially on training Vectors, Unigram Language Models, KL Divergence for sentiment analysis.

Also, I now want to be a data scientists to help people in my field of studies.

But importantly, there are new business ideas I have seen that I need to work on with people with good experience.

Help me if you can, and let’s make the world a better place. 

Call me Izuchukwu

I am African, Nigerian

I study in South Korea


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