i am new and i want to develop app and games

I didn’t anything about how to build apps.i want to learn will it be possible for me to develop apps.help where from i start.thanks

Of course you can develop apps and games! I’d start with codecademy. Make an account and go to the courses tab and hit on Learn html(or anything that sounds interesting to you)._ _If you want to spend some money on learning a particular subject then check out Udacity. Hope that helps!

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Thank you for reply.any tips before i start


I mentor people and often work with people who are new to contributing to other projects.

One project I maintain is htdig and you’re welcome to join the chat room to observe or contribute. The source code for htdig is C and CPP.

Game developing is really hard, but if it is your passion, you should just go for it.

or why not try to make a website for game reviews like gamenewsninja, after making your game, post in your website for reviews

hi im also trying to learn programing and game building and if possible looking for some people who are willing to help me start of building a game more like sea of thieves but more pve options and different ideas its more so as i go i can learn how to build ai bot players and lots more