I am LOST, please help me

I found the exceptional AUDACITY program on the web. Great. But, the infinity of resources, parameters, details, often makes me get lost and have to start over, but I’m learning. I ask new friends, if possible, to post help in PORTUGUESE, as the translator often translates wrongly.I was directed to GITHUB, made the account, now I was directed to this forum. I’m lost, laughs. I want help with AUDACITY parameters and secrets.


For trouble with a specific software that’s hosted on GitHub (as Audacity is) it’s usually best to create an issue or discussion in that software’s repository, unless the README lists other support channels. This forum is primarily about Git and GitHub itself, so it’s usually not the best place to ask about issues with other software.

The Audacity repository is here:

I noticed the README mentions a user forum, but they also seem to use issues and discussions.

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


Just wanted to add that I see Audacity has enabled Discussions too:

That’s usually a better place to ask questions to get help than creating an issue if the repository owner has enabled it.


Thank you, ainda preciso aprender muito.

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