I am looking to start a Crypto Currency and smart technology for a construction company... help.

I have been working in construction for 10 years now, I’ve seen what innovation it lacks and the financially aspect of it all has tons of flaws. I was hoping i could get some smart individuals involved to help me with my project and where better than here! you can email me at modernaccessgroup@gmail.com our website will be up and running soon, recently bought the domain and I’m just trying to figure this all out. Thanks(P.S, I know i sound a bit unpreppared and unproessionalbut believe me when i say i have a passion for starting new projects and ideas that I know can be beneficially to society. 

Hi @modernaccessgroup, we’re glad you’re here :grinning:

I am so very excited for the joy that you display with your innovative idea!  You are more likely to get a useful response if you are explicit about what your project entails, giving a few more details might help someone give you a nudge in the right directions.

However, we don’t want to have job listings on the Community Forum right now. It is something that we’ve added to the list to investigate if we can do so without overwhelming other conversations. Keep checking back as the Community Forum grows and we add more capabilities!

Thanks for your interest :+1: