I am having issues with my deployed code files in github pages

So, I am learning SASS and I took on a project from frontend mentors.
Now, I am done coding and building the web pages and its time to upload to GitHub so I can a feel how it looks like on my mobile device.

I essentially have two folders, first is a ‘dist’ folder containing my HTML file, JavaScript and Images and the second folder, a ‘scss’ folder containing my sass codes.

I have uploaded both folders and going to pages in the settings to grab my deployed website link, it returns a 404 error. I have searched for solutions all over and apparently it’s due to not having my index.html file in the root. I have seen people upload their codes with the same structure as mine and the webpages are live and working well.

I need all the help I can get please.

I just checked it now, the GitHub Pages is already working, the README is the one being hosted, but the important thing is that is already working,

the next step is your problem, because you are using another technology, how did you push your build files at the repo? is it through Git or GitHub Desktop or just plain GitHub Web? if that is about the technology you used, make sure you know how to push that properly on GitHub,

you can provide more details how you did that so that we can help,

Hello. Thank so much for responding to my query.
I uploaded the folders through the github web, I just dragged and dropped them and commited them to the branch.

I uploaded the files by dragging the folders and dropping through guthub web

any details how you build the local files? so that we can trace the source of the problem

Nothing out of the conventional method.
I created the code files in VS code and I have them in folders for easy access

just remember that GitHub Pages only runs static HTML, so for example you have a directly PHP script, it will not run,

as for your profile, I’m assuming all you have is your HTML, CSS and JavaScript, that should work fine,

I just checked your profile again and see the repo was not there anymore.

My suggestion for your not to be confused is that, have a simple index.html with simple CSS and JavaScript, once it’s running locally, drag it at your test repo, enable the repo to host it, and wait a little bit, you should be seeing your web page test,

if you already understood how CSS and JavaScript work, then you can now use frameworks without much difficulty,

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