I am getting notifications due to being @-mentioned in a commit

+1… sigh. Clearly a new “feature”. But surprising they would add a new notification item without pairing it with a filter option.

Here’s another one. Several notifications and emails every day. The notifications started on March 31st. The PR was merged over a month ago.

I received a reply to my personal ticket

FWIW, I received the same response to the ticket I filed. I followed up suggesting this is more of a bug report about an undocumented change that is generating lots of unwanted notifications rather than a feature request. Hopefully the team will respond on this thread.

Getting dozens of these a day too. 3.5 years ago someone mentioned me on a PR, and now I get an email anytime someone forks the repo?

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I received another reply on my ticket:

Thanks for clarifying the issue and providing the link to the community forum. That was very helpful as we continue gathering more data point for our investigations.

We’ve been tracking an issue with the our engineering team on a feature that would potentially enable users to opt-in/opt-out of notifications generated by @-mentions at a more granular level to help filter out unwanted notifications.

In that discussion, there was a suggestion to disable notifications generated for commits whose commit message contain @-mentions of a user. (Previously, this notification was only generated once.)

We had initially associated your report with the above issue, which was more of a feature request than a bug, as reflected in my initial response to this ticket.

However, following your comments here those of other other users, we took a further look at similar reports and noticed that the issue being reported appeared to be slightly different, and indeed, a more recent change in behaviour.

It seems that apart from the initial notification, there are subsequent notifications that are also generated every time commits containing @-mentions in the upstream are pulled/updated in the downstream forks.

This is certainly something that requires further investigation from our engineering team. I’ve gone ahead and opened a separate internal issue where we’ll be tracking the investigation’s progress and we’ll be sure to update you as soon as there’s any news to share.

It sound like it’s on their radar now.


Great, sounds like they understand the problem fully now. Thanks for clarifying with them.

Here to add my “same for me” comment. I understand the team is on it, but in case it helps, for me, it’s this commit that is being forked and generates multiple messages per day:

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Hi @wesbos - if that’s a public commit, do you mind linking it here?

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I’ve been notified about this public commit 17 times in the last 2 weeks.

I get a notification each time someone syncs their arrow fork.

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Just got 3 more:

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Thank you all! I’ll keep updating our team.

For those of you still being hammered with notifications, it shouldn’t be too much longer. The change was located (13 days ago - exactly as reported) and there’s a PR open for a fix.

On the flipside, it looks as though some folks are enjoying the notifications. :joy:

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Yes, I made this observation with my internal team that this is a good way to monitor forks and usage of your repository. But I would do this with a fake or tracking account so that your primary account is not overloaded with these notifications.

:tada: This should be fixed. Please do let us know if it is not.

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