I am designing my app I’m not a developer

I am designing an app and have created a basic structure for it. I’m just now working on the “making it look nice” part. I am not a developer though. I don’t have money for the project right now so payment would have to come a bit later or if I decide to go the Kickstarter route some of the money hopefully raised there would be going to whoever helps develop. I’m looking for a partner who is looking to stick with me on the project.

I think the app will be a major part of helping people land the jobs they want. The way it will work is an employer will post a job including an example job which will be a tryout job. The people looking for work will browse jobs that match their skill set, read over the tryout example, then in a given amount of time they will complete the tryout example and return it to the employer via the app.

The focus of the app is on people who haven’t went to college and have the skills for a job that they aren’t in but would like to be in. Also, people who have graduated college but are having a hard time finding a job because of their lack of experience in the job.

If you’d like to know more comment on my post or just email me - [edited by moderator]

Hi and welcome @notsoinsidious ,

As explained before: this forum is not a place for job listings. You could however put the contents up in a public repo and try to attract contributors that way.

As to what you’re saying about design being difficult: I get that. Try using popular frameworks that provide you with a basic design already, or offer a way of “plugging in” another design (example: https://getbootstrap.com/).