I am being blackmailed, how can I remove a repository?

A previous contractor is asking for money or he would make my repository public. We decided we were not going to pay and he then uploaded a copy of our repo to Github.

We are trying to get Github to remove it, but so far they are not being really helpful, it’s been a week and there are no updates. What alternatives do I have to get Github to remove the repository faster?

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I’m sorry you’re having this trouble. This sounds like a situation where you would need to request a DMCA takedown.

These are legal forms and they can take a while I’m afraid. Once you’ve submitted the form it will be reviewed and processed as long as all the details are there.

Also worth mentioning - if the repository contained any credentials/keys, please make sure those are changed immediately.

I hope you hear back soon.

Git hub is telling me that the repository is not public, so I need to make it public to confirm is copyrighted…