I accidentally changed my domain

I accidentally changed my GitHub Pages domain on my repo and largomc.github.io is redirecting to something else, I can’t fix it at all…
How do I fix it?

I’m not sure I understand the problem here. Domain with github.io are automatically generated by GitHub to point to a user or repository website based on the username and repository domain.

How did you do that exactly? or you mean that you renamed your username.

Was that your personal website, connected to your username?

See the following blog article:

If I liclick on https://largomc.github.io I’m redirected to https://largomc.carrd.co ( LargoMC’s Website). Isn’t this what you were expecting?

Maybe it was just an issue of DNS needing time to refresh after your updates (can take up to 24h, or more for DNS propagation to take effect).